Walking along the sand dunes in the Parco della Maremma near Talamone

Parco della Maremma


Comprising 25 kilometres of breath-taking Tuscan coastline surrounded by marshland, pinewood forests, tilled land and pastures, the Parco della Maremma (also known as the Parco dell’Uccellina) stretch of shoreline is chic yet discrete. Stunning scenery abounds with rambling estates, captivating coves and disappearing dunes. Cultivated by the Etruscans, Tuscans now call it home while tourists live out a romantic dream. The timeless Maremma countryside is also home to the macho butteri, the Maremma cowboys straight out of central casting. These cattlemen spend their lives breeding the native Maremma longhorn cattle, famously known for their protruding bellies and lyre-shaped horns. Back on the coastline, this region is second to Liguria with its number of blue flag beaches, ensuring a pristine beach experience.

How to get there

Parco della Maremma is located in southern Tuscany and stretches from Principina a mare to Talamone. The Park includes many wild beaches like Cala di Forno and Collelungo.

Things to do in Parco della Maremma

Walk, run, hike, bird-watch, cycle, or simply enjoy the dunes.

Cycling in the Parco della Maremma near Talamone
Cycling in the Parco della Maremma

The park includes pine forests (with many varieties of pine), mastic trees, heather, ilex groves, myrtle and rosemary. The wildlife is of astounding variety: wild boar, wild cats, pheasants, bustards, weasels, rabbits, foxes, herons and long-horned cattle. Folk traditions here die hard, because many of them are extremely practical. The “butteri” cowboys for instance are able to follow their herds into areas which would be otherwise impassable.

Mankind has contributed such delights as Palaeolithic caves, with remarkable fossils, and the ruined Benedictine abbey of San Rabano, which was an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to colonise Monte Uccelina.


Further south lies Talamone, a picture-perfect medieval town on a wild promontory with a castle. Just south of the town, the natural landscape forms a baia (bay) perfect for wind sports, making Talmone Italy’s top destination for kite and windsurfing. Or, drive 15 minutes south to Laguna di Orbetello, the most important lagoon in the Tyrrhenian Sea — it’s a major migration stopover for thousands of birds and a World Wildlife Fund site. You can explore the oasis via trail and guided tours.

Where to stay

Villa Jacaranda: Perched just above the Tyrrhenian Sea with far reaching views of the turquoise Tuscan Archipelago and Monte Argentario, lies Villa Jacaranda a spectacular and romantic property dating back to the mid 18th century.

Villa Jacaranda with pool and direct sea access near Talamone available to rent


Published on February 12, 2023