Spanish mill in the Orbetello lagoon

Orbetello: Exploring a charming, pedestrian town

Orbetello is a unique and charming pedestrian town and gateway to the Monte Argentario peninsula. It is a walled town with an interesting and famous history. In 1930 the Savoie-Marchetti S.55 flying boat took off from the lagoon and flew all the way to Rio.. During WWII, the town was occupied by the Nazis and many nazi insignia by those who walk around the town. Orbetello also has some of the best sunset views of the area.


Orbetello is a unique pedestrian town

It is located on a thin strip of land stretching out into the middle of the lagoon. Originally an Etruscan settlement, it subsequently became a fortified port under Spanish rule – the State of the Presidi.

Surrounding Orbetello’s lagoon are two strips of sand: the Tombolo della Feniglia and the Tombolo della Giannella. The Feniglia is a 6km long strip of sand, running from Ansedonia in the east to Argentario in the west. The Giannella, although also 6km long, goes from Monte Argentario to the mouth of the Albegna river.

Orbetello's lively bars in the pedestrian only Corso

Orbetello: Gateway to the heart of Monte Argentario across the lagoon

Orbetello looks like an almond from above. It connects the mainland to the heart of Monte Argentario by an artificial dam built in 1841. Via this dam you can reach Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano.

What to see in the unique and charming, pedestrian town of Orbetello

The village’s historic centre is full of magnificent monuments, such as the walls that surround the city. They originate from the Etruscan era. In the 16th century, the Spanish built entrance doors and a fortress.

The Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral is equally as impressive, with its sparkling clean façade and its beautiful rose window. The rose window is similar to that of the Duomo of Orvieto. This lead to the renaming of the lagoon town as Orvietello – little Orvieto.

Where to stay in or near to Orbetello

Casa Iris:

Dinky B&B in a beautifully restored palazzo on a secret peninsula in Tuscany – the owners are a design-fluent couple who always draw an interesting crowd”. Conde Nast Traveller

Vigna Alta:

Vigna Alta is a beautiful villa in the hills above Porto Ercole. It enjoys views over the famous crescent-shaped La Feniglia a sand dune that stretches all the way to mainland Italy. The villa has every modern convenience whilst the garden features a large heated swimming pool.

Published on March 28, 2024