Island of Giglio

Island of Giglio

The beautiful island of Giglio is connected to the mainland by a regular ferry service from Porto Santo Stefano that takes one hour. The island stands exactly in front of the Monte Argentario peninsula. It is famous, amongst other things, for the picturesque village of Giglio Porto and the wonderful clarity of its water, which is on a par with the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia. Hence it is very much a mecca, during the summer months, of both those who enjoy diving and swimming.

Giglio has an interesting history with its first urban development being in the 1st century BC when the powerful Domizi Enobarbi family had a splendid villa built there. The remains of this villa can be found near the harbour. The harbour, which was strategically positioned on trading routes in the Mediterranean, maintained a high level of activity until the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Local history is characterised by a long series of pirate attacks by the Saracens, with Barbarossa’s (Red Beard’s) attack in 1544 when he sacked the island being the most famous. Legend has it that there remains to this day a fair sprinkling of local inhabitants that have red hair!

We suggest 

  • Taking a trip round the walls of Giglio castle; the views are wonderful
  • Campese is the ideal spot to enjoy the sea close to unspoilt nature
  • Arenella, Caldane and the Cannelle are the best beaches
  • If time permits, it is also worth visiting the island of Giannutri – no cars are allowed and the ancient Roman villa is unique

Published on February 5, 2023