Cala Grande Argentario

How to get to Argentario

Directions if travelling by car from the North

From Pisa (2½ hrs)

  1. Follow the coastal motorway south towards Livorno and Rosignano
  2. Continue until you reach the end of the motorway at Rosignano
  3. Follow signs for, Grosseto, Cecina and Elba. You will be on the North SS Aurelia dual carriageway
  4. Continue south for approx. 1½ hours to Grosseto
  5. After Grosseto, look out for signs to Monte Argentario
  6. Turn off the Aurelia towards Albinia in order to reach Porto Santo Stefano; otherwise for Porto Ercole you have to stay on the Aurelia for another 8 km until you reach the exit at Orbetello

Directions if travelling by car from the South

From Rome’s Fiumicino airport (1½ hrs)

  1. Follow the signs to the GRA (Gran Raccordo Annulare – Rome’s ring road) – you will come to a dual carriageway, which links the airport to Rome
  2. Follow the road until you come to the GRA, which is well signposted (look out for green signs) and exit in the direction of Civitavecchia
  3. Continue following the signs for Civitavecchia and you will exit the GRA onto the coastal motorway towards Civitavecchia
  4. You should now be on a duel carriageway. At Civitavecchia there is a toll to pay of around €2
  5. After Civitavecchia, the duel carriageway merges with the Aurelia SS.1 and becomes a single carriageway
  6. Follow signs for Grosseto
  7. Continue on the Aurelia until you come to the sign for Orbetello and Monte Argentario
  8. The total distance from the airport to the turn off on the Aurelia is about 150 km

Directions if travelling by train

Take the trains that run between Pisa and Rome and get off at Orbetello – Argentario’s nearest station (15-20 minutes by car). At the station there are coaches, which can take you to either Porto Santo Stefano or Porto Ercole.

Published on February 12, 2023