Bird watching Orbetello

Bird Watching

In the vicinity of Albinia, between the state highway and the sea, stretches the Nature Reserve of Orbetello, one of the oldest and most beautiful in Italy. In the Reserve, which covers over 800 hectares, 300 hectares of which are made up of salt-water lagoon, many species of birds can be seen. 

There is no doubt that the lagoon of Orbetello is a veritable paradise for any ornithologist. The natural beauty of the lagoon is startling and the sheer variety of birds to be seen make it well worth the trip. They include the black-winged stilt and several water fowl; pink flamingos, spoon bills, widgeon, mallard along with pintails, teal, lapwings, godwits, sandpipers and many others. In fact it has been estimated that in the Reserve over 70 species reproduce including the black-winged stilt, the kingfisher and the minor albatross.

There are two entrances to the Reserve – one from the Aurelia and the other at the ‘Casale Spagnolo’ off the Giannella just north of Albinia where the Visitors’ Centre is situated.

Published on February 12, 2023