About Isola Rossa

Argentario scenic photo

I have always known Argentario, ever since I was a little girl. My Italian father, forever the romantic explorer, stumbled across it in the late 50s. The peninsula’s wild and rugged landscape and sweeping coastline like so many who came later, cast a spell on him for the rest of his life. Besides, rather eccentrically, introducing muffloni mountain goats into the Mediterranean maquis behind Le Cannelle, perhaps his crowning achievement was to painstakingly restore from a ruin the 16th Century Spanish lookout tower, Torre delle Cannelle, back to its former glory. Being very small at the time, and spending every summer living in the Torre, which seemed completely normal, it was only in my adult years that I came to realise what a great privilege it was to enjoy the stunning views and quick access to the sea  of the Tower and this being all thanks to my father.

Little girl

Argentario has certainly shaped and marked my life in so many ways – enjoying wonderful carefree, barefoot summers with my brother and sisters as a teenager and a few years later meeting my future husband there. Certainly my passion for Argentario and Tuscany has never dimmed and I am proud to say that my two grown up daughters love the place as much as I do. Many English friends from London, who came to stay, were equally taken by the place, asking whether I knew of members of my Italian family or friends who might be prepared to rent their homes for a couple of weeks in the summer – something very rare at the time. It was against this backdrop that my little holiday rental company was formed and it is no surprise given the amazing sea views I had enjoyed from the as a small girl that I should aptly christen the business Isola Rossa.

Isola Rossa founder

Like any company there have been many enjoyable highlights and also one or two bumps in the road. However, if there is one thing that is constant is that nothing gives me as much pleasure as meeting new guests or old returning friends each summer with a smile and instilling a little Argentario magic into their lives through my inside knowledge of exciting new haunts for them to discover or guide them to trusted old favourites thereby doing everything I possibly can to ensure they have a thoroughly good time in an authentic, warm spirited and personal way. By doing this, I hope very much to keep my father’s wonderful gift of introducing me to Argentario and his legacy very much alive.