Casa Azzurra

Casa Azzurra is a beautiful, stylish seaside property with its own private access to the sea. It stands in an archaeological site, which consists of the most important remains of a maritime Roman Imperial villa on the coast of Tuscany. Guests are extremely well looked after by a highly attentive and discreet team consisting of an excellent cook, a housekeeper, two maids and a gardener. This level of service gives you the feeling of being in your own private boutique hotel.


KEY FEATURES -   Direct access to the sea

The villa was built by the Domitii Ahenobarbi family in the first part of the 1st century BC. The last descendant of this family was Emperor Nero (whose real name was Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus). The Domitii Ahenobarbi were prominent patricians, consuls and bankers (argentarii) and owned most of the area which, as a result, took its current name from them: Monte Argentario. 

Within the villa’s confines lies the longest stretch of Roman Wall of the whole compound, adjacent to the sea. On the waterfront, there are very visible remains of the storage facilities (horrea), probably used for fish and farm products. Also clearly seen in this area, underwater, are the docking facilities built by the Romans. 


  • Entrance
  • Large open plan living room with  
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • 6 double bedrooms with en-suite baths

    Le Cannelle is understated yet elegant, with most rooms overlooking the stunning coastal scenery. Outside on level there is a covered loggia, where meals are served at a large wooden table, bordered by a lawn where mature Mediterranean pine trees Provide welcome shade during the long hot summer's days. This is furnished with a large sofa built of stone and heaped with white squashy cushions as well as a hammock for lazy fiestas. The upper terrace is the perfect place for guests to enjoy a glass of chilled wine while admiring the sunset or to throw a party on balmy starlit evenings.

    There is a huge sitting room with an open fireplace and a well-equipped kitchen That Creates a warm and cozy atmosphere even on cooler days. There are five spacious double bedrooms and three bathrooms in the main body of the house and two additional bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms in an annexe. As a result the house can rented for either 10 or 14 people.


    NEAREST AIRPORT - Fiumicino Airport
    NEAREST TRAIN STATION  - Orbetello 10km (20 min approx)
    DISTANCES - Siena 125km; Florence 190km

    Access to this piece of coastline is impossible on foot or by car and can only be managed by boat. 

    Located near Capalbio, just 4 km from the spectacular coast. Nestled in the beautiful Tuscan landscape between the rolling hills of Maremma and the Mediterranean, the villa is very well connected by roads and railways, and is just over an hour from the cities of Rome, Florence and Fiumicino Airport.